Highly Suspect – “Lydia”

This is the first song I’ve heard by Highly Suspect, and god damn am I am impressed. With the exception of the guitar solo, this song is pretty much flawless. Beautiful lyrics, tension-building verses and a loud, anthem-like hook. I’m a sucker for good Alt/Rock, which there isn’t much of these days, so Highly Suspect is now on my radar in a BIG way – can’t wait for their next release.

Black ocean, cold and dark
I am the hungry shark, fast and merciless
But the only girl that could talk to him just couldn’t swim
Tell me what’s worse than this
And it echoes in the halls
They danced along the walls
The memories of your ghost
You are the one that I used to love
And I’m still in love, but I’ve never loved you the most


Categories:   Rock / Alternative